Scrap Wire Coilling Machine

What is Scrap Wire Wrapping Machine?

scrap wire winding machine; It is used to bale the scrap wires obtained in various ways in factories and scrap dealers. The scrap wire thrown into the machine from the chamber on the top of the machine is wound on the shaft by the rotation of the splined shaft driven by the electric motor. income.

Purposes of Use of Scrap Wire Wrapping Machine

  • Scrap wire made into coils can be easily stacked.
  • By ensuring that the scrap wires, which can cause work accidents in the factories, are collected in a certain place, precautions are taken against work accidents.
  • Converting the scrap wires to money is facilitated and this process can be systematized.

Features of Scrap Wire Wrapping Machine

  • The wire around the machine is connected to a switch. Thanks to the electrical switch attached to the cover of the machine, the electricity of the machine is automatically cut off when the cover is opened.
  • When the desired scrap wire coil reaches the desired diameter with the switch attached to the chassis, the electrical of the machine is automatically cut off.
  • Pneumatic bellows must always have compressed air (max=1.5 bar).
  • As the scrap wire coil rotates, it rotates on the flanges at the back and front of the coil, so that your machine does not wear out while the scrap wires are wrapped around the shaft.
  • After the scrap wire coil reaches the desired diameter, it is sufficient to run the engine in reverse with the button on the electrical panel in order to take the coil out.
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