MINIFOKPLUS – Mini Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine

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  • Mini-FOK Cable Blowing Machine provides an excellent flexibility and compact design to the users offering a complete solution. Capable of installing the cables -micro-cable and microduct-. For cables Ø 4 to 16 mm and ducts OD 7 to 32 mm. Mini-FOK is engineered for blowing telecommunication cables or micro ducts in preinstalled ducts. This multifunctional machine is easy to use for the installation of cables, micro-cables or micro-ducts by air and covers a wide range of cable diameters.
  • Its high effectiveness significantly increases daily production. The belt drive system ensures excellent cable grip without damage and the clamping system absorbs cable diameter tolerances. In addition to that, its high tech engineered design and structure improve blowing performance. Each and every part of machine are engineered and produced to meet and exceed the expectation of customer requirements. Mini-FOK it is equipped with a distance and speed indicator.
  • Mini-FOK is a Fiber optic cable blowing machine designed to blow cables into telecommunication ducts and micro ducts by using of compressed air. Having 3 pallet options as 4-8mm, 9-12mm and 13-16mm to blow the cables having 4mm to max. 16mm. This fiber optic cable blowing machine works with one air motor for blowing the cables and tubes. Due to 1 air motor It can perfectly blow fiber optic cables into ducts. So, It’s a perfect choice If fiber optic cable diameter is 6mm and duct diameter is 16mm.
  • You can install your cable in muddy field with our special designed pallets. Cable Blowing Power will not decrease. You can set cable installing speed and direction with control valve. Special designed exit box supplies productive guiding for pressure air into preinstalled duct. Quick air connection makes your business easier with an easy plug in method. It’s completely Made in Turkey with international standards.
  • You can open and close air entering into duct or machine with valves. Festo Lubricant system takes off moisture of pressured air which comes from compressor and supplies continuous lubricate for air motors. All the machines here are produced by first cable blowing machine manufacturers in Turkey.


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The Fiber Optical Cable Blowing Machine is a pneumatic device, using pressurized air to project cable at high velocities.

This equipment must only be used by authorized personnel who have been suitably trained and competent to do so.

These instructions are to be made available to operators of this equipment at all times. Failure to observe these safety instructions could result in serious personal injury and or property damage

Please observe the following precautions when operating the  fiber optic cable blowing Machine:

1) Compressed air can cause flying debris. This could cause personal injury. Always wear personal protective equipment.

2) Ensure no personnel are in the manhole at the far end of the cable run. Severe personal injury may result.

3) Never open the air chamber when pressurized.

4) Only authorized, fully trained personnel should operate the air compressor.

5) Read and understand the operation and maintenance manual supplied with this equipment. Keep it in a convenient place for future reference.

6) Keep children and untrained personnel away from this equipment while in operation.

7) Keep all guards and safety devices in place. Do not operate this equipment with guards removed or damaged.

8) Keep hands, feet and loose clothing away from moving parts, especially at cable entry points.

9) Check machine before starting for worn or damaged parts. Check that all nuts and bolts are tight.

10) If machine is left unattended, ensure that unauthorized use is prevented.

11) Never leave the machine unattended while in use.

12) Consider the use of safety barriers, especially when used in public places.

13) Beware of hot surfaces, machine uses compressed air.

12) When operating machine always wear eye protection, hard hat, safety shoes and leather gloves, machine operates with compressed air at 12 bar(175 psi) .

13) Some component and assembly parts are in excess of 35kg (77 lbs). When lifting care must be taken, ensure sufficient man power/lifting gear is available, to prevent personal injury and damage to the machine.

14) Prior to installation ensure the sub-duct route is connected properly.


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