Effective diaper packaging machine at high speed

Effective diaper packaging machine at high speed

Semi-automatic or fully automatic machines for packaging baby diapers and training underpants in bags with maximum precision.

At the same time, optimal product protection is guaranteed.

When packaging paper-based hygiene products-especially baby diapers-high-speed packaging with the lowest possible package weight is required. For this purpose, modules with different speeds and adapted compression are available.

This machine is suitable for packing sanitary napkins, diapers. It uses advanced control using a logic controller, touch display, allows you to get high-quality packaging. The temperature of the knife is regulated and controlled. Packing speed: 8-12 bags per minute.

The entire structure is compact and provides stable performance; the main part of the electrical components are from the world’s leading manufacturers.

The diaper packaging machine for disposable diapers, takes care of packing pre-stacked disposable diapers into bags, and then seals the already packaged diapers. This machine uses servo Type Transmission System, bag making, automatic compressing, bag making, bag opening, packaging, molding and sealing. All this is done in order to reduce the costs of manual packaging.

The disposable diaper Packer has a four-head push device, which reduces the speed of operation and gives the equipment greater stability.

Integral packing and stacking, as well as the process of opening and transporting bags, improve overall efficiency by reducing the frequency of manual bag placement.

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