DRILLFOK - Cable Blowing Machine With Drilling Tool

Now you can depend on the same KOSMAK  quality as our larger machines in a new smaller package.

The Drill fok installs microcable and its versatility saves you money.

The design of the Drillfok provides for quick and easy component changes for differentcable or duct sizes.

Its compact size and portable maneuverability make the Drillfok is ideally suited for either outside or in-building use.

The Drillfok uses compressed air to install the cable. The drive roller, powered by most types of cordless drills (not included), control the microfiber as it is propelled into the microduct.

Drillfok machine takes name from drilling tool because you do not need to use a motor with this machine you only need to buy a standart drilling tool like Bosch, Dewalt.

Main Features

  • Controll by technician.
  • Working with drilling tool.
  • Duct Diameter =Changeable by tools
  • Cable diameter = 1mm to 5 mm.
  • Needed air= Minimum 12 bar – 1 metercup / minute.
  • Dimensions= 27cm*32cm*28cm
  • Weight =10 kg
  • Cable installing velocity =Changeable by the drilling tool
  • Direction =Forward and backward
  • Cable pusher rolls can change easily.
  • One air inlet from compressor with quick connection
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